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Welcome to R&R Planning and Design, where our passion is in the design of luxury single family homes & villas and the high-end resort residential communities, where they reside. Some of our customers come half way around the world for our expertise in creating “western style” residential design, such as the cozy French Country, the grand French Chateaux, and a host of Mediterranean styles, from the refined Venetian “residenza di compagna”, to the rustic Tuscan Villa.

R&R designs are created specifically for the location and environment where they will be built. We pay particular attention to the location’s amenities and views, while minimizing the impact to the natural surroundings. We have crafted superb homes for a variety of terrain, from magnificent mountainside villas, to lovely coastline cottages.

Please check out our Current Projects to see outstanding homes recently designed for special places around the globe.

Once meant for the very few, these fine custom designed homes will soon be available as pre-drawn stock plans. Details coming soon!